Your market research plan doesn’t have to be perfect to get started!

Without data a strategy is ultimately just a gamble, as a small business marketer you need to have data to make decisions.

Market research is essential to understanding your customer.

As a small business that can be difficult as resources and capabilities are limited (usually just to a small team or the founder of the business).

But you can’t let this stop you.

All you need to start your research is to get close to your customers and have some purposeful conversations that can act as a form of in-depth interviewing. Or send out a survey to your customers or your target customers, any of this is a start and better than no research.

No the data from this won’t be perfect, but you aren’t writing a PHD dissertation, you are gather information with which to make real life decisions.

You’ll never create perfect research conditions no matter how much budget you have or the number of people you have on your team so stop looking for perfect and just get started!

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