There’s nothing harder than inertia in your business

Getting traction for your project / business / new venture can be one of the hardest things to overcome

Having an idea is pretty easy for something new, you see a problem and you come up with a solution

Executing on the idea is harder than coming up with the idea but it’s not impossible

Getting traction with the right target segment is probably the hardest bit

Getting customers to start paying for your solution is where all the blood sweat and tears are spilled

It will probably involve more than creating an online store and social media campaign, getting your first customer might even involve you having to sell directly to them

But once you have one happy customer and you know why they bought and what helped them to buy, you can use that information to sell to a second

With the information form the second (and the first too) you now have a couple of view points to inform your sales and marketing process and you can turn two into four and four into eight and so on

This is before you even turn those customers into your sales force by recommending to friends or family themselves, if you build that into your business you’ve got something that will really start to work well

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