Don’t Just Throw Advertising Behind A Product And Hope It Works

It can be too easy to get caught up thinking that marketing is just about getting the word out about your product or service

But this leaves out fundamental parts of the marketing process which lead to more successful outcomes

If marketing is about meeting customers needs profitability then you’ve got to look at four elements of the marking mix

Product first – does what you are offering meet the needs of customers?

Then Price – what amount will be market be willing to pay for our offering? Can we make a profit on that?

Promotion – how can we get new and returning customers for our offering? Usually the only question small business marketers ask themselves.

Place – where will we sell the product that we will be able to make the most profit?

With this framework for looking at the whole marketing mix you’ll be able to avoid mistakes like heaping ad spend behind an inferior product

Or selling your product through the wrong channels to the wrong customers

Don’t mistake marketing for communications but look at it from all areas of your business for more successful results

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