Don’t forget this hyper local option in your marketing mix!

There’s a reason that small businesses worldwide use sponsorship as a method of promotion it usually achieves the main aim of marketing:

Making the product or service famous.

Meaning when the target customer comes to buy the product they choose the one they have heard of before e.g. the one that has placed the sponsorship in an area the target customer is known to watch/visit/be interested in.

This might have you worried that the cost of sponsoring an event or a team is well beyond your small business capabilities and that might be true.

But if you are a small business you are likely working in a small market and have to seek out the areas where smaller scale sponsorships are available.

After all there’s no point having a super bowl ad if you only serve a very small niche market.

Think more like the local property expert who might sponsor a kids sports team.

She knows that people who go to kids sports games are usually parents, grand parents and family friends (demographic targeting) from the local area to the team (geographical targeting) and they will usually have or need a place to live or want to upgrade the one (behavioural targeting) so by sponsoring the team she knows that she is able to not only serve her local community well. But Also making her brand famous to some of her correct target market using the three key types of targeting.

Using hyper local targeting like this will work if you give it enough time, invest enough resources in it and also do it for the right reasons which is both to promote your business but also improve the community you work within.

If there is a disconnect between your product or service and the event that you are sponsoring this method can backfire dramatically!

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