Going Viral Once Doesn’t Make You A Marketer!

It probably just makes you lucky or more likely unlucky depending how you chose you leverage your viralality or what you went viral for in the first place

Most people who go viral haven’t really intended to in the first place or at least haven’t planned to make profit from it.

Yes, there are those who try to make a career out of performing ‘stunts’ and getting noticed, but for every success there is with this strategy there is thousands of others who don’t make it.

To be a marketer you need to actually know something about marketing – this is usually best achieved by undertaking some marketing training.

You need to put that knowledge into action – best achieved by creating a marketing strategy then from this a marketing plan.

You then need to deliver on the strategy and plan – working across the business to ensure everything is focused on the customer and the final product or service offering.

Finally, a marketer will be able to evaluate the results in the market against their marketing plan and make adjustments for future campaigns / products or services.

Don’t mistake communications for marketing.

Don’t think that going viral will make you a marketer.

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