Don’t Let Your Idea Become Your Identity!

As a small business owner having good ideas is part and parcel of staying in business.

Perhaps you are stuck in a bit of a jam and you get your creative juices flowing and all of a sudden you’ve come up with the next big thing.

You run the idea over and over in your head.

You tell everyone you know about this next big thing, rolling it out at staff meetings, talking about it during sales pitches.

Then you start putting the wheels in motion to bring the idea to fruition.

At the beginning it works a bit but results are lack lustre.

You lean in and try to get the idea working, if only you persevere more, try hard, it’ll soon break through.

It’s evident to all around you that it’s not going to work and that it could quickly become the undoing of your business.

But you can’t see it.

You don’t want to hear anything from your detractors *even those who usually have your best interests at heart

Your usually perceptive vision is clouded by thoughts that this idea will be the making of you.

The big error you’ve made is letting your idea become your identity.

If only you’d kept it separate.

You’d have been able to detach from the initial idea and focus on the parts of it that could work, or adapt the idea into something else that had a chance of succeeding in the marketplace.

Whatever you do in business don’t let your idea become your identity!

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