Forget Growth Hacking – focus on this instead…

Don’t get yourself caught up in growth hacking and other ‘Entrepreneur bro’ hype.

It might work and might make a difference to what you are doing online but most of it is designed for a particular type of business and a particular type of founder / employee.

All it seems to really be is an exhausting treadmill of optimisation.

Some of it might even be complete unfounded nonsense.

Take one bullet point example from a list of growth hacking experiments entrepreneurs are encouraged to run:

  • “Build a chatbot to increase PPC conversions by 50%”

Building a chatbot might be a good idea for your business, pay per click might also be a good idea but the thing is this example states that doing both will increase your conversions by 50% without backing it up with any data or information to show how this is even possible.

These ideas take no account of where a business is or the internal capabilities it posses but most importantly a lot of growth hack ideas have no regard to what the customers needs o wants and how that would impact marketing decisions.

Far better than spending endless hours optimising and growth hacking you could spend time with customers learning more about their needs and wants and making sure that your business in serving them better!

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