Growth Hacking is Total Crap

Growth hacking is ultimately a hustle that takes some of marketing strategy and keeps it, throws a lot of the important stuff out and tries to rebrand it so that the experts can try and make a profit from it.

Take for example this quote from a growth hacker describing their ‘discipline’:

“growth hacking is different from the traditional marketing process. Unlike marketers, growth hackers don’t care about customer acquisition, budgets, or short-term revenue.”

How can any marketer in their right mind think only about growth and not think about budgets or customer acquisition?

You can’t feed your family with growth and you can’t stay in business without a budget.

Yes some of growth hackings elements are important like running tests or experiments on you different elements of marketing from pricing to product or promotional tactics.

But this doesn’t mean that you can forget the important elements and focus solely on one metric like growth.

If I wanted to grow a metric in a business like revenue I could buy a product for $10 and sell it for $5 ill likely be able to sell a huge amount and have massive revenue growth, if I’m not worried about budgets I can keep doing this until the money runs out and I am out of business.

This is a terrible idea for any small business to follow regardless of their size or goals.

Don’t listen to the growth hacking bullsh*t, focus instead on building your own tried and tested marketing strategy.

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