Building trust with your customers the smart way:

It’s no secret that advertising and marketing have a pretty bad rap when it comes to consumer trust.

Years of snake oil sales men have led customers to believe that everything an advertiser says is at best exaggeration or at worst outright deception.

As the grandfather of modern advertising said:

“Never write an advertisement which you wouldn’t want your family to read. You wouldn’t tell lies to your own wife. Don’t tell them to mine.”

David Ogilvy

It’s a received wisdom in business that customers buy from businesses that they Know, Like and Trust.

If you continue to burn customers with lies in your marketing that don’t come to fruition when they purchase your product you’ll achieve the first (they will know exactly what you are like) but you’ll fail to be liked or trusted.

Worse than this, bad news spreads faster than good news so you’ll end up with part customers telling their friends and family about what a bad experience they had with you.

Before you know it your into a cycle of decline for your business as you don’t add customers at the rate at which you are burning them.

The alternative is to be honest with your customers throughout all your advertising, not because you have to (think disclaimers in tooth paste ads) but because it’s good for business to be honest.

Being honest counts both them you are describing what you are selling but also when things aren’t going well and you have to tell your customers about something going wrong.

This might sound like common sense or pretty easy and shaping an honest message isn’t too hard but sharing a mistake with your customers can be a huge challenge though!

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