Do you know how your product makes your customers feel good?

For some products or services this is pretty simple, you maybe provide massages and that helps the customers relax or perhaps you sell nice cars that customers outwardly enjoy

But any product or service that people buy they do so because they think it’ll make them feel good

Even with the two examples above there are deeper levels to the feelings people will likely experience as they are driven to make their purchase

With the example of the massage a prospective customer might have created in their head the idea that they are the type of person who gets massages which adds to their physiological enjoyment when they make the purchase

The same could be said for the car example, there is the outward enjoyment of an expensive new car and then the inward psychological pleasure as the customer sees themselves as a person who drives expensive cars

They also might feel that because they drive expensive cars they have a higher status than others

So for your business do you know the different inward and outward ways that customers believe your product or service will make them happy?

Our examples are simplistic but your market research will be able give you some more detailed information about your customers feelings which you can use within your marketing strategy

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