Don’t forget that marketing is only about the human behind each interaction!

With the drive into digital marketing and many people who were good at creating algorithms and code applying their thinking to making marketing more efficient the received wisdom around marketing has slowly changed.

It doesn’t mean that marketing has really changed but people who think they are expert or gurus and really just have online courses or books to sell are out there trying to convince the world that their new system is the way to conquer whatever the new online methodology is.

This attempt to kill off everything that was ‘old’ (actual theory) in marketing presents a particular problem for small businesses who think that have to play by these new rules in order to succeed.

They think that they have to game the SEO or Instagram algorithm to get ahead so they begin to churn out ‘content’ that works well for search or a visual feel at the whims of these giant corporations.

Very quickly if they are running everything themselves this becomes overwhelming and becomes a chore to keep up with.

But there’s an alternative way to think about the whole thing, and it takes one simple mindset shift about how they think about their target customer segment.

“Even when you are marketing to your entire audience or customer base, you are still simply speaking to a single human at any given time.” – Ann Handley

Once you make this mindset shift everything you say or do will change and you can stop aiming for the volume of search traffic or Instagram and think clearly how that individual would want to be interacted with.

The one thing to remember this isn’t a customer avatar you should be thinking about – although those can be useful but think about this as a real human with all the positive attributes you’d have in an avatar but also the negative too.

For example if you think that having a daily email is a good marketing idea but every ideal customer in your target segment is already overwhelmed with work (and likely therefore email) adding an additional 7 emails per week to their inbox isn’t likely to build a positive association with them.

In this scenario it might get better to have one high quality email that they look forward to each week, potentially at the weekend when they have time to read it and enjoy the material within it.

These small mindset changes from thinking about corporate machines and masses of faceless customers can really help upgrade your marketing and make your business grow more efficiently!

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