We Are All Imposters At One Point

Whether it’s someone starting out with a new venture or you’ve been building your business for longer imposter syndrome can come for everyone

These feels of being a fraud or that you are going to be found at any moment can get any entrepreneur down

Most worrying of all these thoughts can lead you to question decisions and hesitate when you need to take action

Business is a momentum game, when you are moving forward everything gets easier but if you hesitate to take action because you don’t feel that you don’t belong (or whatever the internal monologue is) you can inflict unnecessary damage on your business

With imposter syndrome the solution is pretty easy – you embrace it.

The funny thing is most people in all walks of life feel like imposters at time and that’s ok

No one said you had to have every element of everything figured out in advance

You just start and take action and you go from there and once you’ve done something and been successful or made mistakes you learn from it and keep moving forward

With each progression you’ll feel less like an imposter in the previous areas but the new steps will present new areas where you might feel like an imposter

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