Every Business Choice Is A Decision That Will Impact Your Marketing

You might not think this is true but everything you do from how you make your product to how you get it to your customers is a business choice that will change how your product is perceived in the market.

If you chose to use low grade materials for your product you’ll have a hard job marketing it as a luxury good.

If you chose to have staff that are stressed out and under pressure to get things done it’s unlikely you’ll be able to offer high end customer service.

It’s not that any of these choices is necessarily better than the other but that you need to be aware that they are being made.

If you haven’t clarified in advance what your business is about and what your marketing strategy is, these choices will start to be made with no coherent approach which can negatively impacts your market positioning.

Identifying a clear marketing positioning can be freeing for your business, take the example of a budget airline they are able to make every decision around the controlling idea that they offer the lowest cost no frills experience to get from A to B.

Customers might feel aggrieved if they get onto a budget carrier expecting a high end experience but in this case it’s the customers mistake because all budget carriers communicate very clearly through all aspects of their marketing (not just their advertising) that it’s a no frills experience and if you want something different then they aren’t for you.

So, with your business start with a clear strategy in mind and then be conscious of the decisions you are making and how these will impact your target customers.

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