Every Element of Your Business is Marketing

If you change the lens you view your business through you will quickly see that it is all marketing, not just how you promote your product or service

If you deal with clients who send in email, phone or social media contacts, how you respond to them is marketing

If you don’t reply, or at least acknowledge the contact then you are likely to lose a customer or they will think of you as unreliable

When you make a product the materials you use is just as much marketing as how you talk about it on social media

How you price those products or services tells as much of a story in marketing as how you talk about it in your marketing materials

Where the product is sold can change peoples perception of it, people expect certain things from dinner at a fancy restaurant that they don’t from a fast food location

All this and more proves that every part of your business is marketing, with that in mind you need to audit all of your processes to ensure they tell the same marketing story

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