Don’t waste your money on a ‘content’ creator

If you are thinking about employing someone to create content for your social media channels – don’t!

Think about it someone who is employed full time or part time comes with a lot of associated costs

Sick / Holiday Pay
Computer Equipment
Account subscriptions
Back Office Costs
Office Space
(Plus whatever we’ve forgotten)

If they are just employed to do content creation for you to try and grow organic social media this is going to be a terrible deal for the ROI

Even if each post gets some exposure and connects with the target audience, you’d need to be getting a high conversion rate to repay these costs

The better alternative to to hire a freelancer or have someone in-house create some quality social media ad content and start paying for posts to target your segments

With this option you could spend the cost as the salary of the employee with no long term commitment, not additional cost and you can directly attribute the conversion rate to assess the ROI

With the first option you are taking a punt on whether they will be successful or not on the second you can optimise it to be successful.

This isn’t mentioning that any good social media person will know and tell you that you have to pay for ads on the platform so to might end up buying them anyway

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