Quit it with Like and Shares Competitions

Don’t expect to see big bottom line growth from running like and share competitions on social media

There’s a couple of reasons behind this but when it comes to marketing strategy the main on is that it doesn’t actually follow the targeting element

Those that like the page are undifferentiated other than that they want to win the product (not necessarily buy the product)

So if you do happen to grow your Facebook following it isn’t a following of prospective buyers – you’d be better paying for an ad

We’ve already said that you should get caught up thinking that you’ll be able to communicate to all your followers without paying to boost a post

Equally when those sharing the post as part of the competition do so you run the risk of annoying prospective customers as they see another like and share in their Facebook feed

Which further takes away from the possibility of developing positive awareness of your brand to the mass market

So basically use Facebook what it’s great for – targeted advertising and leave the like and shares to others who don’t want to win with their marketing

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