People Love To Buy But Hate Being Sold To And What You Can Do About It!

This fact is probably something you can see first hand, world wide we are a population that loves shopping

Retail therapy that people do to escape, the thrill of thinking that the next purchase will make them feel a certain way.

This is not a good or bad thing necessarily, it has some negatives surrounding people’s self worth but also the positives of creating economic activity and providing jobs and employment to name a few.

Like it or not it’s a reality.

Contrast this with the fact that the vast majority of people hate feeling like they are being sold to.

When you ask some one to think about sales they might think of a telemarketer or a used car sales man. Not always the most flattering of sales role.

The problem here is whilst people like to buy the experience they have when feeling like they are being sold to isn’t pleasant.

Maybe the surroundings or the tactics feel shady or pressurised or maybe they are being talked into something they know they can’t afford.

This is where marketing strategy can be ally in helping people feel like they aren’t being sold to – only supported as they make the purchase.

Take the example of someone feeling they are being sold something they can’t afford – say you have a person who can’t afford high end jewellery from the moment see an advertisement or walk into that brands store everything about the experience will send the signals that it’s not for them, from the empty store to the polite but dismissive sales person (they’ve been trained to see qualified prospects a mile off)

Yes, it might make the person feel a bit inferior but it never once pushes the buyer into a place of feeling that they are being sold or forced to buy something they can’t afford!

Through their whole marketing strategy the jewellery brand has made it very clear who their product is for and how those people will self select into that target segment.

With your brand are you making sure that hard sales tactics aren’t required?

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