Make It Memorable

It’s easy to forget that you know every detail of your product or service and it likely holds a special place for you in your head / heart so when you create your Marketing you look at it differently than your customers.

Because you’ve likely pored over every detail and decision you find them easier to recall or recollect day to day.

But your customers who have only seen your brand once or twice in your marketing need to be able to recollect your offering at the appropriate time.

If you sell a product through stores then you need your customers to remember and chose you when they are in the store.

If you have a service like a hair dressers you need them to remember you when they are looking for a new place to get their hair cut.

Making sure that your customers can recall your product at the right place and time is an essential objective in small business marketing strategy.

If it isn’t memorable then there’s no point marketing at all.

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