Opportunities don’t just happen go out and make some!

There’s a bit of a fallacy in marketing that if you invest long enough in your inbound marketing strategy clients will start to show up and do business with you.

This probably couldn’t be further from the truth but many small business people find it alluring, both because some of them will fear selling or they find it easy to try and publish ‘content’ rather than engage with the market.

Whilst having an inbound element to your marketing might fit your businesses marketing strategy (all businesses are different and require different strategies after all!) you need to pair it with some more conventional PR or sales or outbound marketing.

It’s about creating the opportunities for customers to discover your business.

Take the example of a financial planner, maybe they have a brilliant email newsletter filled with information about getting the best deal on different products and this email builds trust & rapport with potential customers who then decide when they need a new policy to go with that company who they trust.

So whilst this method of inbound works for nurturing and converting prospects into customers it won’t necessarily get new prospects.

That’s where the business has to go out and make something happen.

This could be through sponsoring other newsletters, or the local soccer team or even making guest appearances on local tv or a podcast – basically go wherever your target customers are.

Through one of these mediums maybe the financial planner is able to share a juicy idea of how to save 30% on their insurance premiums – both peaking the interest of potential prospects and building trust with them.

The potential prospects who want to stay informed have the opportunity to join the email list and get the most up to date information and move into the category of prospective customer.

If you look at that cycle it takes a few things: knowing who your target customer is, having an inbound system (email newsletter) and then having a promotion strategy.

How are you going to build this system into your business?

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