Don’t wait until you’ve run out of work to think about marketing

A lot of small businesses fall into the trap of only beginning to think about marketing once they have run out of work and need to start to go looking for other customers.

This might be due to disorganisation but more often than not it’s that they haven’t the time or are avoiding the difficult work of actually focusing on their target customers and creating marketing campaigns.

The time to be creating marketing is not just when you need it but all the time.

Even in a small business you should be creating work and managing relationships so that when you’ve finished with one customer you are seamlessly able to move onto the next customer.

This can be done through whatever marketing mix is most effective for your target customers whether it be through paid advertising, word of mouth etc. but just make sure you have created that marketing funnel that is bringing you a steady and predictable series of customers.

If you aren’t sure where to start with this, begin with creating a basic marketing strategy and progress from there.

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