Don’t get caught up thinking that marketing is just social media

Lots of small business owners or creators get caught in the trap of thinking that marketing is just organic or paid social media

By making this mistake they are leaving a wealth of opportunity on the table

Firstly, social media is a promotions tactic, promotion is only only one of the 4 P’s of a marketing plan within that area there is also so many more promotional channels marketers are missing out on if they don’t look at the whole range of opportunities

Next if you look at the other 3 P’s of a marketing plan: Product, Price, Place – all of these tactical areas offer opportunities for your project or business

Finally, if you think about marketing as only what you are going to post on social media you are missing out on all the opportunities and efficiencies that are available to businesses that create a marketing strategy

When it comes to marketing all small businesses or creators should start with strategy, then move to creating a marketing plan and finally then think about the tactical opportunities

So leave the social media alone and start to create your strategy

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