The secret to getting noticed…

Getting noticed is usually one of the biggest challenges that small businesses think that they face.

They think that if they can just get the word out everything will become easier.

But usually there isn’t an easy way to do things and if they are struggling with marketing it probably is because they are chronically under investing in their promotional work.

Think about it in terms of a bricks and mortar shop, you wouldn’t open a new location without putting a sign up outside, decorating the inside, paying rent and utilities, no matter the cost if you want a shop.

Your marketing should be like this, with elements that are just a requirement of being in business

Maybe you don’t have a bricks and mortar location so you don’t think this analogy applies to you but recent research coming out has shown that online advertising like search and programmatic doesn’t actually generate demand only makes it easier to make the purchase for someone who was already going to buy something from that category.

The research states that these are just the new ‘rent’ of being in business and having an online presence, much like a digital shop shingle.

So if you are thinking about trying to get why you can’t get Market penetration, maybe first look at the amount you are spending on marketing across the board from your ‘rent’ based marketing to your direct response targeted advertising or brand building mass market advertising.

After all Marketing is nothing more than making your brand famous and as the father of advertising said:

“Nobody counts the number of ads you run; they just remember the impression you make.”

Bill Bernbach

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