Market Research Mistakes to Avoid

If you are starting in to create your first marketing strategy you might have come up against the problem of feeling like you don’t know enough about your market or your customers to make informed choices.

This will mean that you either outsource some market research or decide to embark upon it yourself.

One of the big pitfalls of market research which basically renders it useless, is the researcher’s and subjects inherent biases.

When you are researching your own business you might fall subject to a range of biases including things like;

  • Confirmation bias – seeing / hearing what you want to see in the data.
  • Observation bias – participants being aware they are being observed and acting differently.
  • Recall bias – asking customers to remember what has happened in the past some forms of experience are usually more memorable than others (think the high highs and the low lows) which will change your data.

You can’t eradicate these things from your research but you can work hard to try and mitigate against them.

Equally, once you aware these biases might exist in your research you can account for them accordingly in your analysis of the data.

One caveat is don’t let the risk of errors in the data effect the chances of you starting to create some market research as it will likely better than just your gut instinct alone!

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