How many people struggle with the problem your product solves?

You might have created your business around a problem you had and realised a solution was required

Perhaps you asked a few friends and family and they thought it was a problem that needed solved

But then by the time you built the business and did the hard work of trying to market the product or service your sales were slow or non-existent

This is a problem many innovators have, they get caught up thinking only about the product or service

But entrepreneurs think differently they don’t just start with the solution to a product they also think about the target market

They take time to test the market before they waste time and effort building a business, from this they can fail fast and find out the size of a potential market

Testing the market isn’t just asking friends or family, you need to find customers who are willing to buy the solution

This all comes back to understanding your customers and making sure you are both solving their problem and that there is enough of them to do so profitably

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