Being Medium Neutral

Average marketers will look at what others do and try and recreate that for their own product or service.

When they are developing campaigns they will know what medium (social media, tv, radio, out of home advertising, direct mail, etc.) of advertising they want to use.

Good marketers aren’t copycats with stolen ideas they want to transplant with no originality.

They create marketing strategy from scratch and most importantly they are medium neutral.

Being medium neutral means that when it comes too creating your marketing promotions you treat any viable source of promotion neutrally to begin with and then weigh up its usefulness to your campaign on merit, not one what is most trendy or of it’s moment.

This might mean that whilst TikTok advertising is blowing up, if your target customer is not there then you do not run campaigns on this platform.

Equally, if there is a platform like direct mail that isn’t overly modern or high profile but its what resonates with your customer then you must use this for your campaign.

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