Work on Creating Some Messages Of Value

that could be created by anyone The main aim with your marketing as you will know is to be memorable.

Most marketing messaging put out there by brands is either so banal or so similar to everything else that it fails this test immediately.

But even beyond the message itself how you convey it is hugely important when it comes to people remembering it.

If you share your messaging in a boring way you’ll get a bored response.

But if you share a message of value in a valuable way, people will hold onto it for a long time.

Think about if you receive a hand written note you are more likely to read or hold on to that you are a shop flyer.

Or instead of a business card what if you gave out an embossed custom challenge coin (look them up seriously!) people are more likely to keep the latter and throw the first one in the bin.

When people see the value conveyed by the medium they will take notice of the message.

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