The best way to kill a marketing campaign before it even launches

Marketing fails when it tries to do too much.

It’s that simple.

When you create a marketing strategy and then a marketing plan and then put these into practice you can’t do more than a few things.

As you know marketing is aimed and changing or reenforcing what your target customers thing about your product, service or company.

So when you create your marketing strategy you want to have 2/3 things that you hope to achieve through it in your marketing campaigns.

The big risk comes when you get caught with mission creep. This is a military term that outlines the process of additional non objectives being added onto a mission because they seem like a good idea.

It happens in every organisation where the focus on the goal has been strong and through meetings or bad management ideas are slapped onto the original concept until it no longer looks like what it was when it was first conceived.

When mission creep happens you run the risk of everything failing and none of the original or new objectives being achieved.

To avoid this you need to be really laser focused from the outset about what the goal/goals are and how this will be achieved and if you can see them in advance detail what will not be added to the campaign as you start to develop it.

Ultimately if you want your marketing to be successful you need to he able to attribute sales or income back to it and you’ll not be able to do that if you keep adding other objectives onto the project!

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