Stop Working So Hard To Try And Motivate Your Customers To Take Action

Getting people to take action – especially a new or different one is really, really hard

What’s easier is finding customers that are already motivated and removing the barriers that are preventing them from purchasing

Take the example of a car garage offering servicing and other maintenance, there are likely three groups of mindsets people have when dealing with a garage:

  1. Those who will get work done immediately it’s required to keep their car running no matter the inconvenience to themselves – they are guaranteed buyers you just need to serve them well and they will keep coming back
  2. Those who hate dealing with cars and will let the car run for years with the dashboard lights lit up like a Christmas tree – these aren’t really qualified buyers and changing their motivation into buyers will be a hard task (one we suggest you avoid)
  3. Finally the group in the middle – they want to keep their car running well and care about it’s maintenance but don’t because they aren’t willing to go through the inconvenience dealing with it will cause – This is an example of where removing barriers can create buyers without having to change motivation

With this final group making a few tweaks to the process of getting your car serviced might be ideal for them for example like some garages offering to pick up and deliver the customers car leaving a courtesy car in the interim would also eradicate the problem of driving to the garage or being without a car.

Equally, some garages of installing co-working spaces with wifi and desks lets customers work and not lose out on time wasted whilst their car is being serviced or the garages that have set up in the car parks of shopping centres who have made the process both convenient and also pleasurable as they can shop at a time that they would normally have to wait in a grubby waiting room.

This is one example of how seeing the problem from the different angles of your prospective customers can make a big change to how you interact with the market.

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