Do you know your minimum viable segment?

In online marketing this is called the minimal viable audience, meaning the smallest group of people that will be able to support your business financially

This doesn’t meant the smallest number of Facebook or Twitter followers but people who will seek out your content and are qualified buyers

With a group as small as 100 people you could make enough money to support a business with a highly priced offering

If you only sell low priced goods or services your minimal viable audience needs to be a lot bigger

It’s also important to have a method of direct communication to those customers, we like email but anything that is directly linked without a middle man can work

With a relationship like that with your customers you can see what’s working and get direct feedback on what’s not or what else they need, that you can provide

Ideally this segment will be linked to your current marketing strategy and be well identified within it, you might even need to rewrite with with the research you get from your MVA

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