A new logo won’t get you more customers

When it comes to logo redesigns most of them are vanity projects that don’t offer any noticeable impact on the bottom line of the business

What you need to do is to build long term brand value in the mind of your target customers and also the market as a whole

If you look at some of the most prominent brands from fast food, to cars or household goods they have spent years establishing their brand within the publics wider consciousness

Their logos are a key piece of this, but they aren’t the whole story, if you watch a tv advert for any of these products you could likely tell which company it’s for without ever seeing a logo or name

They also often only refresh their logo or brand collateral rather than a complete redesign, you just have to look up ‘logo over the years …….. company’ and you’ll see what we mean

So instead of wasting time, money and effort redesigning your logo and other marketing materials, use what you have and invest those things in building your brand over the long term

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