Just because you want to sell the product doesn’t mean you’ll get customers…

You’ve slaved over becoming good enough at your business in order to bring your first product to market but you get a shock, no or very little customers.

You might think it’s because you aren’t selling your products well enough or that your advertising isn’t very good, or some other reason.

Any of these might be true but if you take a step back in the process maybe you need to evaluate whether there is actually a market for your product or service.

This might be hard to do, particularly if you are a creative professional who has honed their craft.

But if you are struggling to get customers within your niche it might be time evaluate whatever it is that you are selling.

Even better if you haven’t launched run through this quick process to establish if there is a big enough product to support your dream.

First you need to create a landing sales page, something rough and ready but with a sales pitch good enough that will convince customers to buy whatever it is you are offering.

Don’t create the product yet other than if you need a prototype to photograph.

Create a few different ads – Facebook, google, LinkedIn a direct response email or letter whatever the channels are that you think you’ll be marketing through.

Send these out to a target demographic or audience over a set period of time and see how many people click through to make the purchase (it’s a good idea to have a couple of clicks from the advert through to check out to show real buyers intent).

Once you get them to the checkout, don’t sell to them right a that point in time (unless you can create and fulfil their product or service need very very quickly) but capture their email address and email them when the full launch happens.

With this you’ll have a fair indication of the possible sales you could make with this product before you even make it.

Yes you will still have to create a marketing strategy and plan out what the product will be and there will be some cost involved for creating the marketing campaign and paying for the advertising but it will likely be less than the cost of creating the whole product or service without knowing if there is a market for it.

This idea should help you quickly figure out what to do about products with potentially no market.

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