Not A Big Brand

Spend any time on marketing twitter (you probably shouldn’t) and you’ll begin to see that all the marketing experts who can teach you a lot about marketing only seem to focus on big brands and their tactics.

That’s great if thats the space you work in but most business owners are working with small businesses nothing like big brands.

One of the biggest mistakes you can make though when you start to think like a big brand is your use of media and particularly paid media.

Basically, if you think that you can make the same moves a big brand makes with bought media and get the same results you will be sorely disappointed.

A report published seven or eight years ago showed that for every one dollar spent on advertising a big brand had 18 times the impact over a small brand.

That’s comparing the same dollar spent on the same ad.

Eighteen times the impact.

So before you try and compete with the big players why not step back and look at the advantages your (likely) small brand has and capitalise on those first before you just try to recreate whatever any other brand is doing.

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