Create A Sales Pitch Not A Court Case

If you come from a logical background or field it can be pretty easy to walk into the trap of infusing all your marketing with logic.

The biggest problem with this is that you end up trying to build a court case about why a customer should buy your product or service.

This usually reverts to describing features rather that benefits.

As we know “features tell but benefits sell”.

So instead you need to craft your sales pitch which might stray from the real of logic and make no sense

One of the best examples of this is Red Bulls it ‘gives you wings’ marketing campaigns

These involve no logic at all (spoiler the drink doesn’t give you wings) but they are memorable and they do help make the brand famous so ultimately they are effective.

If you measured the campaigns from a logical stand point you’d be sorely disappointed to not find any customers who purchased the drink because they thought they would grow wings by drinking it.

So don’t build a court case trying to convince a jury of the facts of a case, but make facts irrelevant as you convince your jury (Perspective customers) of how they should see the information and then ultimately take action.

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