Are retro marketing methods what your business is missing?

Just because some advertising isn’t trendy doesn’t mean it won’t work

Take the examples of the direct mail pamphlet that comes through the door of a house advertising groceries in a local store

This turns up every few weeks without fail and why does it keep coming? Because it works!

It’s probably not the most efficient method of advertising but the companies will have measured the return on investment and shown that it’s a net gain

It works because people will at least glance at it before they throw it in the trash, others will read it cover to cover and clip any coupons available

Side note – those coupons are there to help the company measure the pamphlets effectiveness

You rarely see ‘online businesses’ using offline methods of advertising until they get to a certain scale and have to cross over into a broader market

With your business why not explore the options offline advertising offers you, from flyers to sales letters or even just the trusty old business card!

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