Beware of anyone offering you an ‘off the self’ marketing strategy

Everywhere online you will find people giving advice about marketing from every different angle*.

A lot of the advice is quite good, some is total nonsense and some is the most valuable information you will read, watch or listen to.

One thing to be aware of though is those that offer you ‘off the shelf’ marketing strategies that ‘are guaranteed to work’

The biggest problem with anything that comes off the shelf is that it takes no account of where you’re business and it’s own particular circumstances.

A good strategy will start with collecting accurate information about the available market segments and your own particular industry

Beyond this step your marketing strategy needs to feed in to all the areas of your business to make it truly customer orientated whilst also focusing on making sure that any required actions fit within your businesses marketing capabilities.

A marketing strategy that might work for an American house builder will differ vastly different from a Swedish furniture manufacturer, would there be things they could learn from one another? Absolutely! But lifting one strategy out of one company and trying to replicate it elsewhere definitely won’t produce the same results.

So, next time you think you’ve found the marketing holy grail of a strategy or someone tries to sell you an information product that hasn’t been built specifically for your business, try to avoid it and create your own or pay someone to help you create one!

*Yes, even right here…

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