Is this the secret to all online marketing?

This is the key secret to SEO (and really all effective online marketing)

It’s simple really with SEO or any other online marketing practice you need to think through making everyone’s objectives align

First let’s take the search engines (google) what do they want from publishers online?
(Other than massive online advertising revenue?)

They want accurate, high quality and engaging information to present to users when they enter a search query

What do users want when they go online and enter a search query?

They want to find the right information to solve their problem quickly and effectively

This means your job as an online marketer is three fold:

Find out the search queries your target customers are entering into search engines with respect to the problem your business solves

Then create high quality answers to these queries that will lead customers into a sales funnel for your product or service

Finally, ensure you present this information such that google or other search engines and ‘crawl’ the data to present it in the search results against the query

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