The Online Education Millionaire Myth

As a small business owner it’s easy to get sucked into the myth some self proclaimed gurus have created around themselves as they try to sell online education programmes

They’ve made it big with one business venture (or more likely their information / hustle-porn business is their attempt to make it big) and now want to teach you how you can do it too

They will often claim that the different tenets of marketing are dead and they know the real way you can make it in this day and age

If you watch / listen to / read enough of this stuff you can start to feel pretty bad about yourself and your business, wondering where you’ve gone wrong that your business is only where it is

Maybe you been splurge and take on coaching or mentoring from them (for a hefty fee) and they pick apart your business but not really understanding what you do

This isn’t to say that you shouldn’t learn about different aspects of growing your business (that’s even what this daily email is about) it’s more about how and who you look to for that information

A couple of questions to test and see if someone’s opinion worth listening to:

  1. Is what they say backed up by theory that’s been proven across industries?
  2. Is the person trying to sell me something when ‘teaching’ me?
  3. Does the person make me feel hopeful about my business or bad that I haven’t made it as far as them in business?

The most important factor in all of this though is even if someone is a real expert they aren’t expert in your business, you are! You built it from the ground up, you are the one putting in the long hours, you are the one that will see the business succeed in the long ring.

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