Don’t focus so much on building your following on social media platforms 

Here you don’t own the relationship with your audience, the social media company does 

Every time you share content they decide who gets to see it and how many people can see it before you have to pay to boost the post

If you don’t think this is a problem look at your follower / subscribers that you’ve worked so hard to get and then look at the analytics for your most recent posts 

These numbers don’t add up do they? You’ve got to remember that the social channels want you to spend money with adverts and boosting posts rather than organic traffic. 

The best alternative for communicating with people interested in your business is an asset that you own and control the relationship with such as an email list or your own website. 

If you can building a following with either of these you will see far higher conversion on sales

All the while your can drive your paid advertising & organic traffic towards these with a better chance of retaining the relationship

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