What If Customers don’t actually want to be part of the conversation?

A lot small businesses have been sold the lie that they need to use social media to ‘have conversations with customers’

Maybe it stems from the name – social media

It was a great branding move and at the outset it probably lived up to the promise it’s name delivered.

But when it comes to social media most customers don’t want a relationship or a conversation with brands and small businesses.

If you are on it, they will want to use social media to complain and see that complaint dealt with quickly. That’s probably about the height of the conversation they want to have.

Beyond that they may want to be kept informed or see new products or ideas of how to get the most out of whatever it is your businesses offers, but it is unlikely that they want this to be a conversation…

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Stick with using social media for what it is useful for – paid targeted advertising & occasional organic content wins!

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