All promotion has one of two costs which will you use to pay?

You can either pay with your time, hustling to try and get interest, awareness or traffic


You can pay with money to do the same thing

If you’ve got the money available the second option is most certainly cheaper when you factor in the time and competition around trying to get peoples attention

This is mostly because your organic strategies will not only competing with others doing the same but also those who are paying for attention (usually in a much more targeted way)

Equally, as a side note most organisations take the materials much more seriously if they are putting a spend behind them which further underlines their opinion of organic attention (not as important in their view) and the error they are making every time they waste their customers attention with subpar ‘content’.

So whatever you use put quality marketing behind it at all stages in the process and if you can pay for the attention rather than hustling for eyeballs and posting crappy content!

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