Don’t Get Caught Up In The Podcast Industrial Complex

The question I get asked / Statement small business owners and creators make most recently seems to be:

“I need to start my podcast”

They’ve seen the headlines of Joe Rogan and other celebrities getting huge deals and want some of that for themselves.

If it’s not podcasts now it’ll something else, the search in small business for a silver bullet that’ll lead to success is endless.

The problem with this silver bullet approach is that it’s all looking at tactics that have worked for others – or maybe not actually worked (see note 1.) and trying to recreate them in your own business.

What small business owners don’t realise is that you need to start from the strategy first then move to the tactics not the other way around.

Starting a podcast might be a great way to connect with your target segment but you’ll never know if you don’t step back and look at who your target segment is and how best to serve them.

So start with a strategy first then move on to the tactics, like podcasts, TikTok or whatever the flavour of the month is.

  1. Podcasts are operating a bit like Ponzi scheme at the minute with over inflated valuations leading to a rush of supply in the marketing and not enough demand to fill the advertising slots. Meaning lots of the most successful podcasts just end up running ads for other podcasts as they’ve determined that to grow their own show getting people who already listen to podcasts are the most likely to listen to a new show. So those shows at the top of the tree end up getting big revenues from ads (for other podcasts) whilst those on down aren’t able to get ads because their listenership is almost inconsequential.

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