The Power of The Pre-Mortem

You’ve heard of a post-mortem (not in the literal sense) where a failed project or endeavour is analysed after things have gone wrong to try and figure out how to fix it in the future or to not make the same mistakes again.

Whilst reflection is a hugely useful tool for any business, usually things have to go wrong for this to take place.

Better to put the reflection on the front end of the project before large sums of money or resources are wasted and failure can be avoided.

This is where the pre-mortem comes in.

The process involves at the planning stage thinking about the project failing and then working back to the various reasons the project could fail and then assessing each of these and the project as a whole to see if it is wise to continue with it.

This helps avoid group think and stops people getting carried away by the sunk cost fallacy.

The pre-mortem is also powerful in that it helps you plan operationally for any of the risks your project might face and put in place mitigating actions that help you avoid them.

When it comes to planning any project the pre-mortem is an essential tool in the toolkit of any strategic marketer.

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