Overcoming Customers Inattention

It would be easy to make the mistake of thinking that when customers see your marketing they are giving it their full attention because it’s probably the most important thing to you.

You likely worked hard to produce it, agonising over each word or small detail.

To you it’s a piece of artwork.

To the customer on the other hand it’s just more noise.

This isn’t a new problem, that’s why TV ads are a louder volume than the show they are placed on – so that the target customers who have left the room to make a cup of coffee can hear the advert from a different room.

The new twist on this has a couple of angles; customers who have multiple screens operating whilst they view your ad, quick skips of ads in online or via DVR recordings and what feels like a thousand different advertisements coming at customers at any given moment in time.

Whatever medium your strategy calls for you to use in your promotional efforts you need to work from a place not of presumed attention but presumed inattention.

With presumed inattention you need to create advertising that can be understood in not just seconds but milliseconds.

If you can’t communicate your message or capture the customers attention in a short space of time then there’s probably no point in using that medium to advertise at all.

So stop creating art and start to create marketing that works for your customers, not just just that you like.

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