Don’t make this pricing mistake when selling your services

In serviced based businesses people often make a range of mistakes in how they price them to sell

The most cardinal of all these pricing sins is to price your services according to the amount of time you will work on to produce the work

The biggest problem with this is that there is always a ceiling to what you can earn

If you only have so many hours to provide that service at some point you will be fully booked and will hit that ceiling

Yes you can raise prices at this point but it’s difficult to convey this to clients

Equally as you get better at your work you will likely get faster – does that mean that you should be paid less than if you were new to the game and took ages?

A better model for pricing is to start off with the value you provide to the market and go from there, if your service gets them XXXX amount of value then you can charge a percentage of this for your work

With this model as you provide more value with more experience you can charge more and your customers will be happy to pay it due to the value they are getting

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