Profit first with Purpose.

Lots of small (and large) businesses get caught up worrying about their purpose and how they are going to positively impact the planet.

This is an admirable endeavour but it isn’t the primary purpose for being in business.

The primary purpose is to sell stuff.

People seem to be against actually selling things recently, it would seem they are more in favour of just trying to do good and hoping that people will give them money.

The only problem is that this is describing a charity!

Once you’ve made the sale you can still look at doing all these things, particularly making sure your business isn’t doing harm whilst it’s selling.

For example you don’t want to be causing vast amounts of pollution whilst focusing on the sale but you don’t want to ignore making the sale to clean up other companies pollution.

The most effective way that small businesses can make an impact is to remain in business (that takes sales and profits) whilst also doing good in the world by controlling what you can control in your own business, influencing their suppliers to be better businesses and advocating to government to do good in the world.

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