The Kind Of Relationship Customers Really Want From Your Business

It seems like every day there’s some new con man/woman out there trying to flog their magical marketing beans in the form of a new type of game changing customer relationship idea.

It’s all a load of crap and you need to ignore it as best you possible can.

What every customer really wants is a transactional relationship with your business.

They want to trade something, usually money but sometimes time or something else, for a result your business can provide.

There will be different levels to transactions so you might pay less but give more stress to a transaction – think budget / no frills airlines.

You might pay extra to trade no time – think cleaning services that essentially take things off your plate.

Each of these has their pros and cons but no on really wants a relationship with their budget airline do they?

Don’t forget though, just because it’s only a transaction, doesn’t make it bad.

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