Don’t Leave The Big Money On The Table

A lot of small businesses are working to just try and make the next sale so that they can stay in business and pay their bills

Whilst this is all well and good to do they might doing it at the expense of the secret sauce of business – repeat buyers

It might be only in recent years that subscription business models have become all the rage, good business people of all sizes have known that getting customers to return again and again means you can make more profit on future sales

If you have to invest a lot to get a customer through the time, effort and expense of acquiring them then keeping them happy and helping them to come back again will leave more margin for the second, third and any sale after that

With this mindset shift you’ll think more about how you interact with customers, the level of follow up or customer service they get on the back end because you want them to stay happy with your product or service and keep coming back for more!

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