Like Everything In Business, Marketing Should Be A Risk

This doesn’t mean that it can’t be a calculated risk but it has to have some risk within it.

When it comes to getting noticed, playing it safe will mean you end up right in the middle of the pack where no one pays attention to you let alone takes any action.

People take notice of things that stand out from the pack, so that means ultimately that you need to take a risk and push the boundary of what’s normal in your category.

With risk you can still calculate it and use information you’ve gathered on your target segment to build out your plan.

You don’t need to go all guns blazing and just act on your gut instincts.

Equally to take the risks and to create any good marketing you need to be ok with your marketing pissing off, offending or not being liked by those you aren’t targeting.

This is the most basic concept of marketing strategy.

Identifying who you will target and how.

When you do this you are inherently saying there will be people who will not like what you have to say.

Doesn’t mean that you go out to be risky and piss them off intentionally.

But it also doesn’t mean that you change your marketing at the first sign of a complaint from someone outside your target segment.

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