Are you trying to communicate too much in your advertising?

Businesses of all shapes and sizes make the same mistake they have a wonderful product or service (in their minds at least)

When it comes to advertising that thing they want to share all the brilliant things about it

This ends up with a jumbled mess that’s easy to understand if you make and sell the product

But for the outside consumer they see the cluttered advertising and have no idea what is most important about the product

“Try to say everything in an ad and you end up saying nothing.” — Jeff Mamula

The perfect antidote to saying nothing in your advertising is to have a marketing strategy with the positioning of the product clearly defined

This means you will ultimately be able to say less, better.

The small points of differentiation from your positioning will be what you can talk about in your advertising and make your business famous for.

It might seem counter intuitive to pick only a small number of things to communicate but if you look at any of the successful businesses in the world that’s what they do really really well.

You only have to ask a 9 year old what any of these businesses do to find out how good they have been at executing this strategy of positioning themselves around an idea and making themselves famous for it.

Your target market probably won’t be 9 year olds but if you can make your brand famous enough that they would know about it – your doing something right!

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