Don’t Be Scared Of Measurement

Very few small businesses ever get around to setting goals and measuring against them.

It might be that it’s intimidating as a process but it’s probably more likely that they are scared to find out that what they are doing doesn’t actually work.

With any strategy (including creating a marketing strategy) if you don’t actually set 2-3 clear goals and how they will be measured you haven’t actually created a strategy at all.

It’s one of the last things you will do when you create your strategy but it doesn’t mean it’s any less important than any of the previous steps.

So, once you know what you need to do as identified in earlier stages of your strategy you need to set benchmarks that you would like to be measured against.

Do you need to get XX number of initial customer consultations from your winter marketing campaign?

Do you need to see new customers increase by XX% over the next 12 months?

These are just examples but they have to be clear, measurable, and time bound.

If you were applying either of the above to your business and had to answer them honesty you would be hard pressed to wiggle out of them.

One note about measurement and setting goals, if you are intimidated to set goals incase you miss them, don’t forget this doesn’t matter – its better to set goals and miss them than not set them and totally underperform.

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